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– Published 24.May.2022
Strong Uptake of Profiling Results from Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi (Philippines) on Internal Displacement & Statelessness
Related Topic: Joint analysis , Durable solutions , Community engagement
– Published 21.Feb.2022
Identifying Internally Displaced Persons in Surveys: Approaches and Recommended Questionnaire Modules (JIPS, 2021)
Related Topic: Methods , Refugee & IDP statistics
– Published 13.Dec.2021
Progress Towards a National Strategy on Local Integration: JIPS’ Support in Ukraine
Related Topic: Durable solutions , Methods , Community engagement
– Published 8.Sep.2021
UNHCR-CENTROESTAD Workshop: SICA countries work on IRIS implementation
Related Topic: Capacity development , Refugee & IDP statistics , IDP policy
– Published 26.Jul.2021
JIPS’ Partner Event 2021: Transforming Data into Action for Solutions to Internal Displacement
Related Topic: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , Refugee & IDP statistics , Urban , Durable solutions , Capacity development , Community engagement
– Published 27.Apr.2021
Perspectives [PART 2]: Unlocking the True Power of Partnership
Related Topic: Refugee & IDP statistics , Capacity development
– Published 6.Apr.2021
Perspectives [PART 1]: Inside the JIPS-Statistics Norway-NORCAP Collaboration
Related Topic: Refugee & IDP statistics , Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , Capacity development
– Published 23.Mar.2021
Supporting Government Efforts to Measure Local Integration of Persons Displaced in Ukraine (Jan 2021)
Related Topic: Capacity development , Durable solutions , IDP policy , Refugee & IDP statistics
– Published 14.Jan.2021
Data Disaggregation of SDG Indicators by Forced Displacement (UNHCR, JIPS, Stats4SD; Dec 2020)
Related Topic: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , Refugee & IDP statistics
– Published 21.Dec.2020