Requesting JIPS support

Request JIPS support

Does your operation suffer from a lack of data – or a lack of agreed upon data? Is your operation planning a displacement profiling exercise but you don’t know how?

JIPS responds to requests for support to preparing and implementing collaborative displacement profiling processes. We are open to receive requests throughout the year. Twice a year, our Executive Committee prioritises the requests received while requests requiring a speedier response will be assessed on a fast-track basis.

We are currently accepting new requests with the next deadline being 15 May 2018.

Requests are encouraged from governments, humanitarian and development actors, responding to displacement (see: UN Human Rights Council Resolutions on the human rights of IDPs, from June 2012 and November 2013). Requests for support of urban profiling exercises and durable solutions profiling are especially encouraged.

Please read about how to submit a request and the prioritisation criteria used. Do not hesitate to get in contact with our profiling advisors in case you would like to discuss your plans.