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GP20 Compilation of National Practices to Prevent, Address & Find Durable Solutions to Internal Displacement (Nov 2020)
Related Topic: Durable solutions , IDP policy , Community engagement
– Published 21.Dec.2020
IGAD-GP20 Regional Exchange on Internal Displacement: Key Takeaways for Durable Solutions Analysis
Related Topic: Durable solutions , Methods
– Published 22.Nov.2019
Working Towards Durable Solutions: What We Learned at the Recent GP20 Steering Group Meeting
Related Topic: Durable solutions , Community engagement
– Published 22.Jul.2019
Four Key Insights from the Latest GP20 Steering Group Meeting on IDP Data (Mar 2019)
Related Topic: Refugee & IDP statistics , Durable solutions , Capacity development
– Published 22.Mar.2019
Forced Migration Review 65: Recognising Refugees (2020)
Related Topic: Refugee & IDP statistics , Durable solutions , Protection
– Published 4.Nov.2020
Learning Community on Durable Solutions Analysis: From & For Practitioners
Related Topic: IDP policy , Durable solutions , Refugee & IDP statistics
– Published 20.Aug.2020
Composite Measures for Analysing Durable Solutions: Practitioners’ Reflections from Global and Local Level
Related Topic: Durable solutions , Refugee & IDP statistics , Methods
– Published 9.Apr.2020
Learning Exchange with ReDSS on Durable Solutions Analysis for Displacement
Related Topic: Durable solutions
– Published 31.Jul.2019